With vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy free options where possible.

winery kitchen.

The concept of the 'Winery Kitchen' was born out of a desire to stay positive and remain active during a challenging period.

It was 2020, and Hugh and Raquel suffered a devastating loss when their entire vintage was compromised by bushfire smoke. To add to their woes, Covid-19 pandemic hit hard. Given that a significant portion of their wine sales came from restaurants at the time, business ground to a near halt. The world, as we knew it, underwent a transformation, with isolation becoming the new norm.

Unable to produce wine that year, Raquel found herself seeking creative ways to stay connected and continue sharing their journey with wine enthusiasts everywhere. Drawing from her Spanish heritage, Raquel had always cherished the art of preparing dishes which evoked memories of her upbringing.

Enter the 'Winery Kitchen,' Raquel's creative way of bringing cherished Spanish recipes from her childhood to life in simple ways, for anyone keen on trying Spanish cuisine at home.

The website continually welcomes new recipes, ensuring you can always be inspired by the flavours of Spain. Dive into the delicious world of approachable Spanish food and learn which Weathercraft wines pair best with each dish.

In the spirit of Spanish cuisine, we say, "Bon Profit!" Enjoy your culinary journey with 'Winery Kitchen.'